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True Innovation in Aviation

With the stock market scaling new highs and our political discourse plumbing new lows the summer of 2014 is full of promise. I cannot recall a season that affords more economic ambiguity but one thing’s for sure, the demand for value in everything bought and sold has never been stronger. And these days that goes for the proverbial one-percenters as much as anyone else.

Thankfully, technology is being used to improve all aspects of flying and buying around the world. Advances in GPS-based navigation and traffic management systems allow us to fly safely on a more point-to-point course and with less separation between airplanes in a given airspace. And the advent of cost-effective Wi-Fi equipment for business jets will further enhance the value proposition by making travel time more entertaining and productive. The Internet even portends to change the way we access and engage private aircraft services similar to the way Uber is changing the limo and taxi business. All these efforts are the natural response from a free market that never rests in its quest to seek and destroy inefficiencies wherever they exist.

There’s a difference between change for the sake of change and true innovation. In the past two decades the marketing of private jet services has been sliced, diced, reformatted, and reconfigured in manifold iterations by would-be innovators. Many of the new pricing and delivery schemes are designed to create the perception that the hourly cost for a private jet is less than you think. But the most savvy consumers have done the math and know that the real revolution will come only with true point-to-point pricing that is commercially viable for the operator. That will be a real innovation.

In the meantime Dreamline will continue to expand and refine our Great Circle flight program, the only “jet card” that affords efficient pricing for both one-way and round trip travels across the entire product line from turbo-props to large cabin jets. We’ve kept the program straightforward, easy to understand and even easier to enter and exit as your needs dictate.

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