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In February 1983 Mark L. Schmaltz and Kurt Kohler flew their first charter. They began with one plane and one pilot. At that time their company, called Spirit Aviation, operated from a small office and hangar at Van Nuys Airport - off of Woodley Avenue. Before too long they had acquired several more King Air turboprops and had hired a team of talented young pilots. By the end of the 1980's they had gained the reputation of being the "go to" guys for turboprop charter.

In 2009, Mark and Kurt along with former Spirit managers Jana Erland and Todd Kunkler formed a new company, Dreamline Aviation, LLC.

A number of pilots and maintenance personnel from the Spirit days also joined the new company. In June of 2010, Dreamline received worldwide aircraft charter certification from the FAA.

Meet The Team

Mark L Schmaltz | Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter


President of Dreamline Aviation

Mr. Schmaltz is President and co-founder of Dreamline Aviation. Prior to this, he was co-founder and President of Spirit Aviation, one of the leading jet charter companies in California. Mark's expertise in aircraft management, maintenance management, mechanical systems and charter services has made him one of the most respected leaders in business aviation. Mr. Schmaltz is a commercially rated captain with over 8,000 flight hours. He holds an Aeronautical Operations degree from San Jose State University.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter


Dreamline Safety Management

ARGUS Platinum Rating

For nearly four decades the Dreamline team has made safety the number one objective of every facet of our operation. Dreamline holds the Platinum rating from ARG/US

This rating is awarded to operators who have incorporated the industry’s highest Best Practices in flight and maintenance operations.

Dreamline Aviation's Safety Management System (SMS)

Dreamline’s Director of Safety oversees the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS), which provides every department with ever-improving processes for identifying and mitigating potential safety risks.  Through these efforts, each and every employee understands his or her role in adhering to industry “best practices” while always seeking ways to improve them.

The Director of Safety also chairs a Safety Committee which meets regularly to review every department’s adherence to safe practices and to implement or improve operational safety procedures.

An important component of our SMS is our Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT).  Prior to each flight leg, the FRAT component of our Flight Operations Software calculates a safety score based on the airport data, crew experience, aircraft performance, and input from the pilot-in-command.  It then analyzes this information and produces a risk assessment score – for each flight leg. 

Dreamline Aviation Pilot Training

Dreamline’s pilots receive the same simulator-based training as required by the Nation’s leading airlines. Additionally, each receives intensive initial and recurrent training in Dreamline’s stringent operational and safety procedures.

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