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Privacy and Personal Security

The value-proposition offered by private jet travel has always been centered on convenience, like being able to: use regional airports closer to home, park your car just a few steps from the airplane, and escape the time-eating experience of the major airline terminals.

But based on today's pat-down/nude body-scan headlines, travel by private aircraft may be more about not having to surrender your right to privacy. Regardless of where you stand on the merits or mistakes of the new TSA initiatives, now more than ever, there is a new reason to choose private aircraft.

While all airline passengers are subject to TSA requirements for physical searches of one kind or another, flying on a chartered aircraft does not. And because the TSA has its hands full (pun intended) screening millions of airline passengers each day, private aircraft are likely to remain the best alternative to today's air travel realities.

It’s just another factor that can further narrow the gap between the relative costs of an airline seat and the exhilarating and relaxing experience of flying aboard one of Dreamline's Aviation's pristine aircraft. And you'll always know who you're flying with.

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