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Better Than This?

The other day a client made the remark, “Mark, there are few things I enjoy more than flying in a private jet.” His comment struck me as probably the most succinct justification for using private aircraft I’d ever heard and reminded me of where we always need to focus our efforts.

The perceived value of private jet services may vary from client to client; some will value the security, some the privacy, and almost all will appreciate the convenience of flying direct without connections and to smaller airports instead of the majors.

But the real difference is in the experience itself. It ought to be something special, something you would do simply for the fun of it. Every time I fly privately I am reminded of what a rarefied experience it really is and how it’s our job to make it special every time.

For these reasons we’ve recently begun the process of formalizing what the private aircraft experience should really be and re-tuned our efforts to deliver it consistently and reliably. You will probably notice some changes to our service offering, some very subtle and some more obvious. But I think you’ll definitely notice that we’ve thought through your expectations for the experience of flying privately and have anticipated your needs better than ever.

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