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Great Circle

  • One-way pricing as well as discounted rates for roundtrips.

  • Fly to destinations throughout North America including Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

  • Freedom to choose the right aircraft category for each flight: twin turboprops, light jets, or midsize jets. 

  • Guaranteed access to aircraft with as little as 2 calendar day's notice.

  • No term - exit the program at any time without penalty.

  • Full debit program - receive a "zero balance" invoice after each flight.

  • Deposits start as low as $100,000. Replenish as your account gets low.

  • Over three decades of service from one of the most respected names in private aviation.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter
Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

Great Circle is specifically designed to meet the needs of the discriminating California traveler. We offer discounted one-way and roundtrip rates for flights either departing from or returning to airports within 75 miles of one of our Home Airports. Members receive even further discounts when utilizing one of our Home Airports.

Great Circle
Designed for California
Frequent Fliers

Three Categories of Aircraft
to Choose From

With Great Circle, you enjoy the freedom to choose.  For each flight, you can select either Midsize Jet, Light Jet, or Turboprop.

So whether you need a spacious twin-turboprop to haul your kids and their friends up to Mammoth Mountain - or a luxurious midsize jet for that business trip to the East Coast, we have the aircraft you need. Unsure as to which category to choose for a flight? Let one of our friendly Flight Sales staff suggest the right category for your passenger count and destination.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter


"Find out how Great Circle may be your smartest, most economical choice for a private jet and turboprop program. We're convinced that you'll find our friendliness and attention to detail unequaled."

Jonathon Schmaltz

Vice President, Flight Sales

Jonathon Schmaltz | Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter
Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

One of the ways Great Circle flies above and beyond the competition is by utilizing its own fleet of aircraft.  This allows us - as an operator, and not merely a broker - to offer a more consistent level of quality. It's one of the ways that Great Circle has been able to become the trusted local source for private jet services for many of California's finest families and businesses.

Great Circle Utilizes the 
Dreamline Fleet


Deposit a minimum of $100,000

to start enjoying Great Circle

Simply sign and return your Great Circle Agreement along with your deposit. Simple. 

Simply call Great Circle when you

wish to fly

Tell us when you want to fly and which category of aircraft you’ll need. We’ll do the rest. If you are unsure as to the right aircraft category for your mission, we’ll gladly suggest the right one for the number of passengers and your particular itinerary.

Flying one-way or round trip, we’ll give you the best rate

Great Circle offers the flexibility of one-way rates as well as discounts for round trip flights. Simply fly out from - or return to - an airport within 75 nm of one of our Home Airports (Van Nuys, Oakland, or San Carlos, CA). Save even more when you use one of our Home Airports.

When your deposit runs low, simply replenish and keep flying Great Circle

As you deposit begins to run low, we will notify you and send an invoice for funds to replenish your Great Circle account.

Receive simple, straightforward

“Zero Balance” trip invoices

After every trip you will receive a clear and comprehensive report that reflects the details of your trip and identifies the flight time and related charges. No fine print. No confusion. Additionally, you receive a quarterly statement that provides you with a listing of all your flights on the Great Circle program as well as your current balance.

Flying one-way or round trip, we’ll give you the best rate

Perhaps you decide to purchase your own plane.  Maybe your travel patterns change and a “fractional” program begins to make more sense. Let us know and we’ll help you with your decision.  If you decide to leave the Great Circle program – for whatever reason - we will return your unused deposit balance.

Fly Anywhere Within

the U.S., Canada, Mexico,

and the Caribbean.

Great Circle lets you fly anywhere within North America including the contiguous USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

And because Great Circle offers you three different aircraft categories, you have the choice - for each of your trips - to select the best category for the specific itinerary.


So, if you're looking for a quick "getaway" weekend to Lake Tahoe with the family, an East Coast business "one-way", or a vacation in the Caribbean, Dreamline has the aircraft to meet your need...and exceed your expectations.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter


Please feel free to call us at any time at (877) 457-5241 to ask about how Great Circle may be your best choice for private jet membership. A helpful Flight Sales representative will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

What is the Great Circle "Base Region" and how does it work?

The Base Region is comprised of all the accessible airports within a 75 nm radius of a Great Circle Home Airport. Home Airports are Van Nuys Airport (VNY), San Carlos Airport (SQL) (Turboprops), and Oakland International Airport (OAK) (Jets).

When you depart from or return to any Base Region airport you benefit from Great Circle rates. Use our Home Airport and save even more.

How do I determine if my flight is One-Way or Round Trip?

Great Circle One-Way rates will generally be the least expensive option when you will be staying at your destination for more than a couple of days.

Your Great Circle Flight Coordinator will make sure that you are charged the least expensive rate for each of your trips.

What is included in the hourly rate charge?

Landing fees, Basic Catering, wi-fi, and repositioning costs* are included in your hourly rate charge. (*Repositioning costs for certain Round Trip flights may apply.).

What is NOT included in the hourly rate charge?

Remain-overnight charges (RONs) for round-trip travel are not included. The RON charge covers crew costs for each overnight stay.

Other charges not included in the hourly rate charge are: fuel surcharges, de-icing or special hangaring, third-party charges, international fees, airspace fees, and taxes.

What is Great Circle's term?

Great Circle has no term. You are not obligated to fly within a set period of time. Great Circle rates are, thought, subject to an annual rate increase.

Are there minimum flight time charges with Great Circle?

Yes, for One-Way travel there is a one (1) hour minimum daily charge for all aircraft. For Round-Trip travel the daily minimum is two (2) hours for jets and one and one half (1.5) hours for turboprops.

How much prior notice is required when scheduling my flights?

We require two (2) calendar day's prior notice to guarantee flight booking. When flying on a Peak Activity Period (e.g. the days following a holiday), minimum notice is three (3) calendar days.


For Peak Activity Periods, we reserve the right to delay or extend the requested departure time up to 3 hours.

How is flight time computed?

Flight time is based on actual flight time, rounded up to the nearest 1/10th hour plus 12 minutes for taxi time per chargeable flight leg.

Can I select a specific aircraft with Great Circle?

As a Great Circle Member you select the general Category of aircraft you'd like to use: from turboprops, light jets or mid-size jets. Then based on the number of passengers and the required aircraft performance, your Great Circle Flight Coordinator will select a specific aircraft type.

Will I be given free upgrades?

From time to time, Dreamline may offer you a complimentary upgrade to a higher Category of aircraft. You will be charged the hourly rate for your originally requested aircraft but flight time will be based on the computer-estimated flight time of the originally requested aircraft.

What is Great Circle's cancellation policy?

You may cancel your flight with at least two (2) calendar day's prior notice. If your flight cancels with less than two day's notice, you will be charged either $3,000 or, if the aircraft has repositioned for the flight, the One-Way rate for the actual flight time required to position the aircraft.

How is Great Circle's fuel surcharge computed?

Your Great Circle Agreement specifies a "Base Fuel Cost". This is the per-gallon price of jet fuel at the time you signed your Agreement. After each flight our Flight Coordinator will determine the "delta" or the difference between this rate and the current national average price posted in This difference is then multiplied by the aircraft Category's hourly fuel consumption rate and flight time.

Does Dreamline operate all of the aircraft used in the Great Circle program?

While Dreamline operates many of the aircraft flown for Great Circle, some flights are operated by other fully-approved FAA Part 135 Air Carriers who meet the high standards we require.

What if I decide to exit the program before my deposit balance is exhausted?

You may elect to leave the Great Circle program at any time without penalty. Your entire deposit balance minus any outstanding invoice amounts will be returned to you.

What type of training do your pilots receive?

All Dreamline pilots receive the same simulator-based training that is utilized by national airlines as well as extensive training conducted by our own in-house training captains.

What is the Round Trip Discount?

Qualifying Round Trip flights receive a 27% discount.

What is the Great Circle Deposit and how is it applied to my invoice?

Great Circle requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. All charges will be deducted from this deposit account. You are free to replenish your deposit account at any time.

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