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A Look Back and Forward

A few days ago, we celebrated the end of a very eventful decade and the beginning of another one equally so. Lessons learned from looking backward would have to include the importance of remaining guarded with the next "new thing"; a most notable example would be the over-hyped advent of the Very Light Jets (VLJ's). Most early adopters who bought into the vision of airborne taxi's by the thousands bringing private jet travel to the masses are smarting from the experience.

We also saw considerable effort, time, and money invested in creating a national brand for traditional charter and aircraft management services which, I am sorry to say, also failed to reach its potential--so far. I am persuaded however that we will see a successful consolidation of our segment of the private jet service business in the decade to come. Its success or failure will depend upon solving the conundrum of "going national" without losing the personal contact that drives most buying decisions. Ultimately this service we provide to our customers is very personal and we know your choice of service providers is based primarily on familiarity and trust.

In the decade to come I think we can look forward to many new technologies that will further enhance your flight experience and add efficiencies to the supply chain that supports the private jet industry. Better services, more reliability, and improved efficiency--that is what all of us at Dreamline are committed to as we move further into the New Year. 


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