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As your trusted local provider of private jet and turboprop transportation, our team of operations specialists, flight coordinators, and flight crews are able to respond quickly to provide you with personal flight solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Call Dreamline Aviation 24/7 and provide a Flight Sales Director with your itinerary and your choice of large cabin jet, super midsize jet, midsize jet, light jet, or twin turboprop.

  • Your Dreamline Aviation Flight Sales Director will assist you in selecting your flight’s beverages, catering and in-cabin entertainment.

  • Dreamline will also schedule and coordinate any required ground transportation.

  • You will receive a detailed yet straightforward trip confirmation sheet providing you with specific tail number, crew names, itinerary details and special catering and ground transportation details.

It’s just that simple. With Dreamline Aviation private jet charter, you are in control.

Call today at (877) 457-5241 to speak with a Dreamline Flight Sales Representative.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

Service Delivery 
What Sets Us Apart

We understand that each client has unique travel requirements and expectations. To meet these, Dreamline Aviation has coordinated and standardized every facet of our flight operations and concierge services utilizing industry "Best Practices". 

But what sets us apart is our single-minded attention to each trip and to each Client. This has earned us the reputation for friendly, knowledgeable service; seamless attention to detail; safety; and reliability.

This is why Dreamline has become the trusted choice for air charter services for discerning families and companies.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter
Service & Safety
Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter


For nearly four decades the Dreamline team has made safety the number one objective of every facet of our operation. Dreamline holds the Platinum rating from ARG/US, this rating is awarded to operators who have incorporated the industry’s highest Best Practices in flight and maintenance operations.

Argus | Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter

Dreamline’s Director of Safety oversees the Company’s Safety Management System (SMS), which provides every department with ever-improving processes for identifying and mitigating potential safety risks.  hrough these efforts, each and every employee understands his or her role in adhering to industry “best practices” while always seeking ways to improve them.

The Director of Safety also chairs a Safety Committee which meets regularly to review every department’s adherence to safe practices and to implement or improve operational safety procedures.

An important component of our SMS is our Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT). Prior to each flight leg, the FRAT component of our Flight Operations Software calculates a safety score based on the airport data, crew experience, aircraft performance, and input from the pilot-in-command. It then analyzes this information and produces a risk assessment score – for each flight leg. 

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter


Dreamline’s pilots receive the same simulator-based training as required by the Nation’s leading airlines. Additionally, each receives intensive initial and recurrent training in Dreamline’s stringent operational and safety procedures.

Van Nuys, Los Angeles Private Jet Charter
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