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The Thrill of the Challenge

I liken the process of building a business to being in a crucible’s testing ground where one’s creativity, endurance, and character are measured and shaped almost daily.

I can recall, many years ago, a season when our very survival as an enterprise was at stake and we really needed a piece of business we were bidding on. Hours and hours had been spent on the project and we had done our best.

When the call came in with the news that we had won the contract, the feeling was unforgettable--one of those moments that teaches us about risk and reward. Hanging yourself out there; maybe even by a very thin thread, and winning the day is quite an experience. It makes you appreciate how competing in a free market affords us the opportunity to succeed and to fail and to learn what makes the difference. These are lessons of inestimable value.

On that note I am pleased to report that this month marks the second anniversary of our Dreamline enterprise and we have so many clients and friends to thank. My hat is off to all you 1%ers who, despite the headlines, political intrigue, and market gyrations, have had the fortitude to come out from under the covers each day and continue driving your businesses forward. To the extent we’ve been able to facilitate your travels and be a small part of your success, we are honored and thankful for the opportunity.

Our goal is to provide you access to a wide range of private aircraft and flight service plans that fit your budget and make air travel easy. We love being part of your lifestyle and are inspired by your initiative and drive. We know it’s not easy.

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