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Teleportation and the HondaJet

History teaches that, in a free society, the drive to innovate is an unstoppable tide that makes change the one true constant. In the wake of the tidal surge of technological innovation lies the ruins of those that could not or would not adapt. Just ask those who formerly made their living repairing VCR’s, selling encyclopedias, or renting DVD’s, or the newspaper publishers and retail booksellers who are witnessing the steady decline of their customer base.

Cautiously, I take some comfort in the technical challenges standing in the way of making airplanes and air travel go the way of the buggy whip. We humans put great importance on “being there,” and until the advent of teleportation dooms our industry to the ash heap of all things irrelevant, airplanes are likely to just keep getting better, faster, and more efficient.

With no small touch of irony, the most notable innovation in the world of private jets of late has been the recently released light jet from a company more noted for motorcycles and automobiles. Entering full production just last year is the coolest light jet to come along in decades, the HondaJet (HA420). 

It took Honda Aircraft Company nearly 20 years to go from concept to delivering an in-service airplane, but all indications suggest it was worth the wait. The HondaJet is a fast, medium range light jet that offers a superbly comfortable and functional cabin with seating for up to 5 passengers.  Its unique over-the-wing engine mount is a breakthrough in aircraft design offering a more spacious cabin, reduced noise, and best-in-class fuel efficiency.

This month Dreamline will become the first West Coast operator to offer the exciting new HondaJet in air charter service. We look forward to having our clients experience this remarkable airplane, adding yet another reason to make Dreamline their first choice in private jet travel.

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