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Make a Memory

Private jets have always been recognized as great business tools that help multiply the productivity of entrepreneurs and managers. But these days it seems that people are discovering how an airplane’s value extends to more personal areas where we live.

As a case in point, the other day I loaded up some friends and family into one of our aircraft and set out for Grand Canyon Airport. The mission was just a one-day getaway to verify that prehistoric wonderment was still there and to make a memory. The experience was a delightful escape from the day-to-day grind to more wide open spaces where our spirits could be restored. Yes, I know Grand Canyon may not appeal to everyone but it was cool to see it again and, for the two in our merry party that hadn’t seen it before, it was spectacular.

The point is that the airplane made it so incredibly easy to get there and back that the trip was even more memorable than it would otherwise have been. Try to make a day trip to Grand Canyon National Park or any other attraction in the western states by more conventional air service and you’ll need multiple days to do it. And it’s doubtful that getting there will be the best part of the experience.

Having access to an airplane gives you access to a plethora of sights and places where memories are made for a lifetime and spirits are restored. Places like Yellowstone, Yosemite, Napa Valley, Bandon Dunes, Mammoth Lakes, Sedona, and many more are accessible within an hour or two in a Dreamline aircraft and we’ll do our best to make getting there as enjoyable as being there. So, next time you yearn for the road less traveled, let Dreamline help you to “make all the difference.”

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