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Jet Charter Audit Process

The practice of using independent third-party auditors to rate a company\'s performance dates back to 1909 when a financial analyst named John Moody first assigned letter grades to railroad bonds. This innovation made it easier for investors to evaluate a rail company\'s debt and launched an industry that has become a powerful force in modern capitalism.

More recently, a similar innovation has been brought to the world of private aviation with the codification of industry standards for best practices and safety management. The agencies are Aviation Research Group US (ARGUS) and Wyvern, which have become the trusted sources for rating the organizational and operational capabilities of private aviation companies worldwide.

Last month we invited ARGUS to audit Dreamline Aviation. This two-day process included an in-depth review of our procedures, practices, philosophy, and personnel as well as an evaluation of our documentation and regulatory compliance. Past experience has taught us the value of these audits - no matter how good you think you are, you can always do better. The exercise afforded us the benefit of lessons learned in thousands of such audits; lessons that have enabled us to fine-tune our procedures. And, oh yes, we passed with flying colors.

You can be assured that Dreamline is committed to continuous process improvement and that every department is aligned to deliver private jet charter services to the highest industry standards.


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