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Crowdsourcing and Private Aircraft

The idea of selling individual seats on private airplanes has been around for a long time leaving a trail of disappointment and financial ruin for the intrepid entrepreneurs who’d hoped to bring a disruptive innovation to private aviation. But really, the airplane is private--it’s what it’s called! And, it has been my experience that pre-millennial consumers of flight services take a dim view of ride-sharing with perfect strangers.

But that was then. Nowadays the so-called Shared Economy Ethos is changing the meaning of the word “privacy” on private aircraft. It’s a shift in thinking that is being driven by Millennials who, when it comes to accessing business aircraft, afford themselves the option of valuing efficiency over privacy and flexibility over cost. These are tech-savvy consumers who cannot imagine a world without the Internet and see opportunity in the communities that can be created by connectivity. 

Companies that tap into the values of the sharing economy let their customers evolve and experiment with efficiencies that heretofore would have been deemed verboten.  What once would have been regarded as unthinkable is now viewed as an opportunity to connect with like-minded, similarly-situated members of a given social network.

Whether you are initiating a charter flight and allowing others to book a seat on your plane or looking for a ride-share opportunity, it has to be easy and accessible by a few keystrokes on a smartphone or iDevice. The new Dreamline App will incorporate these and other features of our brave new world.  We are committed to giving our clients access to tools that, along with a full spectrum of aircraft, will help our customers achieve a better work-life balance and to prioritize family over work whenever possible.

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