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Bravo for the "One Percenters"

In some circles being among the “1%” is a dubious distinction at best. But being in a business that serves primarily “one percenters” I can better attest to their uncommon virtues rather than to a penchant for conspicuous consumption as perceived by the 99%.

For it is largely because of the “1%” that we enjoy widely varied and plentiful food supplies, unlimited and inexpensive clothing, and even the computer that I’m using to compose this letter. The "1%" are passionate, hard-working risk-takers that get results and make things happen. And we have the highest standard of living in history to prove it.

At Dreamline we get to see the “1%” in action every day: expanding a business, developing a product, making a sales pitch or an investment that exposes them to risk with the hope of a reward. And the logistical challenges you often present to us both intrigue and inspire us. We understand it’s not easy and we are glad to be able to offer travel options that take off some of the edge. Just know that we are happy to provide the aircraft you need to be a “mover and a shaker”—without needing to stand in security lines or wait for your luggage.

So, we salute the industry and creativity of the “1%.” We’re 100% behind you!

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