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American Entrepreneurial Heritage

These days I hear a lot of talk about America and how great it is…or isn’t. If one goes searching for the bad stuff it can always be found but the varied views on greatness will generally reflect the wide array of experiences and lifestyles our country offers and will be influenced by one’s understanding of why and how this country came into being.

Even a cursory study of American history reveals the grit and genius of the men and women who conceived of and crafted our loosely-knit together nation that elevates the individual and aggressively guards our personal and economic freedoms. The founders spent eleven years codifying the principles of our representative government with its beautifully balanced rule of law into a Constitution that has served as national glue and achieved a durable union that continues to be the envy of the world.

Out of America’s experiment with democracy an Identity emerged. It was forged from the rugged individualism of those that were attracted here by the promise of freedom and the chance to determine one’s own fate instead of having it handed to them like in most other countries. Unleashed from government restraint, that American Identity flourished and drove individual and corporate productivity to new heights. Coupled with a bias toward entrepreneurship and innovation, America has advanced to a point of controlling 41% of the world’s wealth including 65% of the world’s private aircraft market. That fact alone makes this country a great place to run an aviation business and serve the diverse and far flung travel needs of America’s entrepreneurs.

Any country where the son of a public school teacher can build a business from scratch hanging around something as cool as private jets—that’s a great country. Without question there is no other place on earth where the creation and development of Dreamline Aviation could have taken place. For such greatness I am truly thankful.

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