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Turning Travel into a Dream

Every occasion I have to travel aboard one of our aircraft serves as a reminder of the outstanding value presented by business aircraft. The ability to travel more efficiently without time-spent lining up for TSA, boarding cues, and baggage claim transforms a tedious travel experience into a dream. And when you consider the multiplied options for alternative airports closer to where one needs to be, the value proposition increases further still.

Being in a position to offer such a universally appealing travel experience to all you high achievers is enjoyable for us too. As a California-centric private jet operator our daily flying assignments range from the good to really great. Between the weather, the topography, and the world-class destinations that abound here, the view from the cockpit often resembles an IMAX experience.

We love what we do and hold these values at the core of our mission; We make it easy to do business with us; We value fair dealing in all transactions; We will always tell our clients the truth (even when stuff happens); and We never lose our focus on the customer’s experience.

It’s the last item on the list that keeps us on track. We’ve learned that, as long as we keep our eye on that goal, everything we do will fall into the right place. Thanks to our clients, we are crossing the finish line of year 2014 with a growth rate of 35% while adding airplanes, pilots, and new destinations. Our continued fleet expansion in the Bay Area includes a mid-sized Learjet 60 soon to be equipped with Wi-Fi in order to satisfy those increasingly tech-savvy locals that refuse to regard travel time as God intended—downtime.

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