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Influence of the "C-Suite'ers”

My line of work brings me into contact with entrepreneurs from a wonderfully diverse range of industries. And whether I’m visiting with titans of the financial world, high tech impresarios, media moguls, real estate magnates, or inventors of the longer lasting light bulb, there’s a common thread of conversation that links all of these restless souls together. It stems from what’s common to all pursuits in the arena of business; the daily struggle to withstand and overcome the challenges of the marketplace.

I am very fortunate to claim these acquaintances and to learn from the examples they present. From what I have observed those who persevere and choose to bear the heavy burdens of the executive suite possess an indomitable spirit that stokes their creative energies and drives innovation. And I credit our uniquely American free-enterprise system for creating the platform upon which almost all businesses are built. At its core, individual self-interest is the spark that ignites an idea and fans its flames. But very quickly the entrepreneur learns that a good idea is converted to something of value only through thoughtful and careful execution. And since that almost always takes more energy than any one person can offer, a team of able collaborators inevitably rises. 

And so, the right business enterprise at the right time, led by the right people grows and develops into a juggernaut that offers a product, service, or experience that customers willingly exchange for currency. And all the while that business employs people, supports households, pays taxes, and creates wealth for its participants.

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