With Great Circle, you enjoy the freedom to choose.  For each flight, you can select either Midsize Jet, Light Jet, or Turboprop.

So whether you need a spacious twin-turboprop to haul your kids and their friends up to Mammoth Mountain - or a luxurious midsize jet for that business trip to the East Coast, we have the aircraft you need.  Unsure as to which category to choose for a flight?  Let one of our friendly Flight Sales staff suggest the right category for your passenger count and destination.

Great Circle Utilizes the Dreamline Fleet

One of the ways Great Circle flies above and beyond the competition is by utilizing its own fleet of aircraft.  This allows us - as an operator, and not merely a broker - to offer a more consistent level of quality.  It's one of the ways that Great Circle has been able to become the trusted local source for private jet services for many of California's finest families and businesses.