As the world wrestles with the COVID-19 outbreak we are resolved to take the steps necessary to deal with the new realities effecting every one of us. Thankfully, those realities include some level of gratification in that, flying privately in and of itself is a meaningful step toward minimizing the risk of contact with infectious pathogens.

But even so, prudence requires extra precautions be taken to assure our routine practices and protocols are appropriate for effectively protecting our passengers and associates.

Our approach for maximizing the safety and security of your customer experience focuses attention on both our aircraft and our protocols for human interactions. New practices are being adopted for sanitizing the furnishings and equipment in the aircraft interiors. Following guidelines published by the EPA Viral Emerging Pathogen Policy the aircraft interiors now undergo an antiseptic wipe-down after each flight. The areas subject to sanitizing include seats and controls, drink rails and arm ledges, switches, air vents, cupholders, lavatory areas and the drawers and doors on all cabinetry.

On the personal side Dreamline personnel will be there to meet and greet our passengers as always, just without the handshakes or hugs of the past. For some, this change may be perceived as a reduction of personal rapport with our pilots and ground staff. But please know that our sole intent is to enhance your personal safety.

A private airplane by its very nature affords a travel experience removed from the risks inherent with moving in and through more public spaces. And, for the most part we know our customers and passengers, where they’ve been and what countries they routinely travel to. These factors will go a long way to assure you a safe and secure travel experience can be arranged, whether traveling across the state or across continents.


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