We are living in a time where information technology has forever altered the way we buy, sell, read, write, work, play, and travel.   Being connected everywhere and all the time is part of daily life for most of us, including me.  And, as much as I like to decry the syndrome, I’ll confess that whenever I am away from my “devices,” I get an uneasy feeling.

Although no one told us about it, the price for all that connectivity is our privacy.  As it turns out our movements, online searches, purchases, likes, and dislikes are continuously being collected and analyzed by Internet marketers who view the interconnected world as the Holy Grail for targeted advertising.  It would seem that an Orwellian future is upon us, albeit 34 years later than George first imagined.

Aside from the spookier aspects of the Bid Data phenomenon, being able to target products and services to consumers based on their behavior patterns is an incredibly powerful opportunity for marketers and sellers of everything from soup to nuts.  

Outside such mass market realities however, the old-fashioned customer referral is still the ultimate tool for expanding our customer base.  And for Dreamline, it is the gold standard for promotion and client outreach.  Referrals from our incredibly discerning customers are priceless to us and represent a facet of business that will remain unchanged despite the whirlwind of marketing technologies that are coming online.  

So, to keep from being swept up in a potentially de-humanizing future, let us all resolve to hold fast to the values that define and guide us.  May those never change.