• Mark L. Schmaltz - President

    Mark L. Schmaltz is president of Dreamline Aviation.Mr. Schmaltz is President and co-founder of Dreamline Aviation.  Prior to this, he was co-founder and President of Spirit Aviation, one of the leading jet charter companies in California. Mark's expertise in aircraft management, maintenance management, mechanical systems and charter services has made him one of the most respected leaders in business aviation.  Mr. Schmaltz is a commercially rated captain with over 8,000 flight hours.  He holds an Aeronautical Operations degree from San Jose State University.

  • Kurt Kohler - Senior Vice President

    Kurt Kohler is Senior Vice President of Dreamline Aviation.Mr. Kohler is a co-founder of Dreamline Aviation.  Prior to this, he was a co-founder of Spirit Aviation, one of the largest private jet charter companies in California. A former airline pilot with over 25,000 flight hours, Kurt oversees flight operations, client services and safety.  He holds a degree in history from UCLA.

  • Barry Snyder - Chief Revenue Officer

    Barry Snyder is Chief Revenue Officer of Dreamline Aviation.Barry Snyder is a respected and recognized C-Level leader whose track record spans more than 25-years in digital technology, media, entertainment, content creation, and intellectual property development.

    Prior to joining Dreamline, Barry was CEO of Post Logic Studios and Vice President at Warner Bros. Studios where he restructured the division's management team, physical and technological resources, as well as its scheduling and marketing processes.

    Mr. Snyder is a new media adjunct professor for Indiana University’s West Coast satellite and has taught at UCLA Extension and USC Film Schools. Barry holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television from Indiana University, Bloomington.

  • Jana Erland - Vice President, Aircraft Asset Management and Human Resources

    Jana Erland is Vice President of Aircraft Asset Management and Human Resources.Ms Erland is co-founder of Dreamline Aviation and Vice President of Aircraft Asset Management and Human Resources. Prior to her present position, Jana was Vice President of Aircraft Management for Spirit Aviation overseeing a fleet of 27 aircraft.  She has developed comprehensive administrative and information management systems for the management of large fleet operations.

  • Todd Kunkler - Vice President, Marketing

    Todd Kunkler is Vice President of Marketing.Mr. Kunkler is co-founder of Dreamline Aviation and Vice President of Marketing.  Prior to this, he served as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Spirit Aviation. Todd also co-founded a banking technology company and is the holder of ten U.S. patents.  He holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Redlands.  His graduate work in theology and cultural anthropology was conducted at Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is an avid mountain biker and loves reading history and theology.

  • Allan Athas - Director of Maintenance

    Alan Athas is Director of Maintenance at Dreamline Aviation.Mr. Athas joined Dreamline Aviation in 2011 as a lead mechanic.  In 2019, Allan became Dreamline's Director of Maintenance. Mr. Athas has over fifteen years experience aircraft maintenance, repair and inspection. 

  • Bennett Taber - Bay Area Operations Manager

    Bennett Taber is Dreamline Aviation's Operations Manager for Northern California.Mr. Taber joined Dreamline Aviation in 2010 and serves as its San Francisco Bay Area Operation Manager. A twenty-year veteran of charter flying throughout California and the West, Bennett is a check airman and training captain with over ten thousand hours in his logbook. He delivers an extraordinary level of customer service that many of the Bay Area's finest families have enjoyed for over a decade.

  • Jonathon Schmaltz - Vice President, Flight Sales

    Jonathon Schmaltz is Vice President of Flight Sales for Dreamline Aviation.Mr. Schmaltz joined Dreamline Aviation in 2010 where he served as Flight Sales Manager.  In 2015, Jon became Vice President of Flight Sales. Prior to joining Dreamline, Jon worked for Spirit Aviation where he served as a flight sales director.

  • Melissa Gordon - Director, Flight Sales

    Melissa Gordon is Director of Flight Sales for Dreamline Aviation.Ms. Gordon joined Dreamline Aviation in 2015 where she serves as Flight Sales Director.  Melissa has over ten years experience in sales and service management. 

  • Shawn Fairbairn - Director of Flight Control

    Shawn Fairbairn is Director of Flight Control for Dreamline Aviation.Mr. Fairbairn joined Dreamline Aviation in 2017 where he serves as Director of Flight Control.  Shawn's career as an aviation professional spans more than twenty years.  For the last ten years, he held management positions in private aviation operations. Mr. Fairbairn lives Culver City with his wife and son.