Aircraft Charter

Dreamline Aviation is your local source for worldwide private jet charter. Since 1983 we have provided aircraft charter clients in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area with a comprehensive suite of flight services.   

Dreamline CharterFrom working with you to select the right private aircraft for your needs to arranging your catering, ground transportation to in-flight extras to make each trip special, our Flight Sales Directors are trained professionals whose primary goal is to simplify your private jet travel experience.

The Convenience of Private Jet Charter

With Dreamline Aviation, you bypass the inconveniences of airline travel. Simply arrive and step into your waiting business jet. And because private aircraft can fly "point-to-point", you have access to over 5,500 airports - nearly 100 times more than the airlines - allowing you to more quickly travel to your destination and then return home to your family.

Fly in Security and Safety

Dreamline Aviation Jet Charter allows you to fly in privacy with your own family, friends or colleagues. Important and sensitive business conversations can take place in the comfort of your own aircraft cabin. Business executives often find out that a private aircraft offers the most productive working environment. Perhaps more importantly, you arrive at your meeting refreshed and fully ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

When you consider the value of your time and the quality of life that you have earned and deserve, Dreamline Aviation Jet Charter is more than a luxury – it is a life-enhancing necessity.

Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.  Dreamline Aviation pilots are among the most experienced in the industry.  Each receives the same type of simulator-based training utilized by national airlines.  Additionally, our pilots receive rigorous in-house training from qualified training captains. 

Thirty Years of Aviation Excellence

Our team of aviation professionals has provided exceptional service and safety since 1983.  We understand that a world-class jet charter operator can never rest on its laurels - rather, we continue to diligently attend to the details to ensure that safety is the foundation of all that we do. 

Dreamline has been awarded the ARG/US Gold-PLUS rating signifying its compliance and surpassing of industry standards for flight and maintenance operations.

Dreamline operates from our headquarters in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jet Charter Simplified
  • Call Dreamline Aviation 24/7 and provide a Flight Sales Director with your itinerary and your choice of large cabin jet, mid-size jet, light jet, or twin turboprop.
  • Your Dreamline Aviation Flight Sales Director will assist you in selecting your flight’s beverages, catering and in-cabin entertainment.
  • Dreamline will also schedule and coordinate any required ground transportation.
  • You will receive a detailed yet straightforward trip confirmation sheet providing you with specific tail number, crew names, itinerary details and special catering and ground transportation details.
  • As your trusted local provider of private jet and turboprop transportation, our team of Operations Specialists, Flight Coordinators, and flight crews are able to respond quickly to provide you with personal flight solutions tailored to your unique neeeds.

It’s just that simple. With Dreamline Aviation private jet charter, you are in control.

Call: (877) 457-5241 or Email:

Van Nuys CA Headquarters

16461 Sherman Way, Suite 210

Van Nuys, CA 91406

Phone: (818) 988-0029

San Francisco Bay Area Address

620 Airport Drive, Suite 10

San Carlos, CA 94070

Phone: (415) 840-7382